Industry-specific Experience and a Depth of Knowledge

Throughout the course of his 30+ year career working in and with higher education, Jim has experienced its evolution firsthand. He has developed a proven skill set to help institutions demonstrate their value as engines for economic and social growth in their communities, regions, and globally. 

Jim helped develop the higher education societal engagement paradigm “Talent, Innovation, Place” being shared and used across postsecondary institutions. As one of the authors of that concept, he is well-versed in how to talk about each area of higher education impact.


Talent – Create Prosperity by Developing Talent 

Higher education creates an influx of qualified professionals, but you may also offer industry- and learner-responsive education, training, and workforce development opportunities within the larger community. 

Jim’s background as a teacher and college administrator, including managing a large-scale distance learning program for Southern New Hampshire University, informs his expertise in:

  • Workforce development strategies
  • 21st century skills development
  • Professional, work-based, and experiential education
  • Education and training program design and development
  • Online, blended, and technology-supported learning.


Innovation  – Translate Ideas into Impact

Higher education encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, problem solving, creativity, and the desire to leave a mark on the world around you. How to best put that to use to impact the world around your institution is where Jim excels.

Most of Jim’s career has revolved around how to take what is inside academia and help higher education share it with the larger community, and also getting the community to recognize how important innovation is to their future.

  • Technology transfer strategies
  • Industry and entrepreneurial partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship support and education
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Regional technology-based economic development


Place – Make Your Community a Great Place to Live and Work

You know that your institution has the plans and potential to contribute to community development and to improve the quality of life in your community and region. 

Jim’s record for being a dynamic facilitator and engaging multiple partners  will help you put plans in motion and realize that potential.

  • Community engagement, outreach, public service program planning and implementation 
  • Placemaking and place-based development approaches
  • Resilient communities development and strategies
  • Community stakeholder input gathering and analysis.

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My hearty congratulations to @DrPanch for his nomination as director of @NSF! Our nation’s science and innovation enterprise is critical to assuring prosperity and well-being for all. This work benefits tremendously from Panch’s vision and leadership!

Spending a day with colleagues from @APLU_News , @jfftweets , and @AASCU exploring #ImprovementScience and #NetworkedImprovement. Thanks to @WestEd and @TidesCommunity for your expertise, and to @gatesfoundation for hosting us.


This past Wednesday, my colleague Liz Nilsen (@STEMetc) and I helped some Virginia #econdev professionals quickly create new regional collaborations, and then move them to action toward measurable outcomes. All in four hours! This is the power of #strategicdoing.

#ProudtoPartner w/ @ColoradoStateU, a C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award finalist. CSU is being recognized for its Campus Connections Program, which connects UG mentors to at-risk youth. The winner will be announced at #APLU2019.

@ColoradoStateU With 3 days until this year's @APLU_News Annual Meeting, the theme for which is "In Service," we're celebrating all the ways our APLU-member partner universities give back to their communities, both local and global. #APLU2019 #ProudtoPartner

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