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New! Introducing Partnerships Playbook

a suite of consulting services for college and university presidents and senior leaders

from Dorothy Air & Jim Woodell

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Today’s college and university presidents and other senior leaders are expected to demonstrate the economic and societal impact of the learning, discovery, and engagement activities at their institutions. Because higher education institutions can’t address this expectation in isolation, partnerships are necessary for delivering high impact outcomes.

Partnerships with industry, communities, and government at all levels can create great value. They can also be fraught with challenges: cultural disconnects, contrasting core mission or goals, leadership engagement, development of trust, alignment of expectations, regulatory and legal differences, resource allocation, and many others.

We’re here to help college and university presidents and senior leaders develop and sustain partnerships to realize their full potential while avoiding the pitfalls. Partnerships Playbook strategies are based on new and innovative models and related best practices, and they also set the stage for you to develop new models and establish your leadership in the field.


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Here's a great opportunity! Our friends at @TheInBIA are looking for a new addition to the team to manage the organization's portfolio of grant-funded projects. Great chance to engage with #incubators, #accelerators, and #entrepreneurship centers.

Don't miss this #manufacturing -related opportunity shared by @UEDAorg. @jfftweets and @Facebook are looking for manufacturers and their partners interested in deploying #augmentedreality (#AR) for #workforce #training and support.

Thank you to @CPCatapult for this great framing for hubs of innovation. Ten different types of innovation location, to help us move beyond one-size-fits-all, and to "consider the specific needs – of place, connectivity, leadership and co-ordination..."

Great post-doc opportunity available at Cornell University's @cornell_oei, to work with @CityYear and @einhorncollab to evaluate the impact of community-engaged learning. Posting here:

Three $90K awards available from @NIST_MEP and @APLU_News to pilot collaborations between Manufacturing Extension Partnership sites and universities, to advance #manufacturing innovation. Download the RFP here:

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