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New! Introducing Partnerships Playbook

a suite of consulting services for college and university presidents and senior leaders

from Dorothy Air & Jim Woodell

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Today’s college and university presidents and other senior leaders are expected to demonstrate the economic and societal impact of the learning, discovery, and engagement activities at their institutions. Because higher education institutions can’t address this expectation in isolation, partnerships are necessary for delivering high impact outcomes.

Partnerships with industry, communities, and government at all levels can create great value. They can also be fraught with challenges: cultural disconnects, contrasting core mission or goals, leadership engagement, development of trust, alignment of expectations, regulatory and legal differences, resource allocation, and many others.

We’re here to help college and university presidents and senior leaders develop and sustain partnerships to realize their full potential while avoiding the pitfalls. Partnerships Playbook strategies are based on new and innovative models and related best practices, and they also set the stage for you to develop new models and establish your leadership in the field.


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Next Tuesday, 10/27: Find out how to use data on your institution's research activities as part of your government relations efforts. Webinar from @UMich's @IRIS_UMETRICS featuring Kristina Ko, @UMichResearch government relations.

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