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Talent, innovation, and place are interdependent. 

// Put simply, focusing only on technology transfer or entrepreneurship, or education and workforce issues, or community relations, inhibits success. Only by linking and leveraging assets across these domains can institutions and their partners realize sustained impact.


Impact happens through collective effort and collaboration. 

// Despite the generally accepted truth that sustained change requires extensive cross-sector collaboration and alignment, most institutions and organizations are still focused on discrete programs and activities. We are focused on inter-connectedness and coordination.


Action and agility are the best of all best practices. 

// Planning is important, but it shouldn’t get in the way of doing. The best approach to planning is trying something, assessing, iterating, and moving forward. Plans are rarely implemented as laid out. Leaders and their plans need to be flexible, adaptable, agile.


Measurement is for improvement first, accountability second. 

// Standards, metrics, assessment, and a slew of other analytic policies and processes have been adopted, largely in the name of accountability. Being accountable to stakeholders is important, but will likely be meaningless without the use of metrics and indicators as tools for reflection, planning, and improvement.


Inclusive economies are strong economies. 

// The public purpose that colleges and universities serve demands attention to wealth building for whole communities and regions, not just for a few businesses and entrepreneurs. Our approach supports higher education engagement in innovation and entrepreneurship that leads to social prosperity.


Mutual benefit and reciprocity sustain partnerships. 

// Partnerships must be undertaken in the spirit of benefiting all partners. Partnerships are an exchange of knowledge and assets, not one party transferring these to others.



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Next Tuesday, 10/27: Find out how to use data on your institution's research activities as part of your government relations efforts. Webinar from @UMich's @IRIS_UMETRICS featuring Kristina Ko, @UMichResearch government relations.

Tomorrow, 10/21, 1PM EDT: Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Jay Walsh of @UofILSystem and Jason Owen-Smith (@Jdos_WoT) of @UMich's @IRIS_UMETRICS on the impact of #COVID on U.S. research.

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Super excited for @UEDAorg #UEDASummit #EcosystemDay! We've got 23 #econdev ecosystems across 15 U.S. states working on stronger connections and equity. I even shed my quarantine wardrobe and got dressed up for the event! 👔 💼 😁

I’m excited to be facilitating a session for the upcoming @UEDAorg Digital Summit—Accelerating Ecosystems for Recovery. We’re going to explore how design thinking can help us create stronger, more equitable economic development ecosystems. Join us!

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